Our Jellies


on Square Market

Kelly’s Habanero Pepper Jelly

Made with a blend of fresh Habanero and Bell Peppers, our signature jelly has the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

A crowd pleaser as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers or incorporated into any recipe. (Check out our recipes here.)





Kelly’s Pine-a-Peno Jelly

A combination of fresh juicy pineapple and medium heat jalapenos. The distinct pineapple flavor bursts in your mouth and is finished by a warm heat that leaves you dreaming of the islands.

Fabulous as a glaze on ham or as a marinade for fish.





Kelly’s Seasonal Jelly

Each season, we pick fresh Oregon berries at the height of ripeness and lovingly make them into fruit preserves. The selection varies. So far we’ve produced Strawberry, Strawbanero, Huckleberry, and Cranberry Vanilla.

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