Submitted by fu’Asian as part of the Kelly’s Jelly Challenge.

It is called Angry Dragon because of its creamy spicy habanero sauce on top of the roll.

To make the sauce, use one part cream cheese, one part hot water, and two part habanero jelly from Kelly’s Jelly. Whip the cream cheese with hot water until soften. Add in the habanero jelly and continue to whip until all blend together.

To make one Angry Dragon roll, you’ll need reduced teriyaki sauce, Japanese sushi rice mixed with rice vinegar, jullien cucumber, three thin sliced avocado, nori seaweed, two tempura shrimps, and four pieces of unagi.

Spread sushi rice evenly on a half sheet nori. Turn the side with rice down and nori facing up making sure that the longer sides are set in a way that you can see left to right. Put on the nori side some jullien cucumber and two tempura shrimps (one shrimp should fit half of the sushi roll). Roll the sushi. Put three thin slice avocado and four pieces of unagi on the roll making sure to alternate them. Put a piece of plastic wrap on the sushi roll to hold avocado and unagi in its place. Use a sushi bamboo mat to gently press down on the roll while squeezing its sides. The roll should be firm and the avocado and unagi wrap around the roll tightly. Cut the roll into eight pieces. Drizzle some creamy habanero sauce on the sushi roll. Repeat and drizzle some reduced teriyaki sauce on the sushi roll and make sure it overlaps creamy habanero sauce.

August 16, 2020 — Kelly Calabria