Years ago I came across this little recipe for Mini Donut Muffins.   They are, simply, “Mini muffins that taste just like cinnamon sugar doughnut holes”.  How could I NOT make them?  And I did, and they were delicious.

Since then, they have become a staple at every holiday brunch.  They are easy to make, they travel well, and EVERYONE loves them.

Of course, I make one small change.  I add jelly.  I bring the heat for adults, and leave them sweet for the kiddos.

The results?  Well, they’re pretty tasty. 

How, exactly, did I make them?  Easy.

Use this recipe for Mini Donut Muffins

The only difference?  Fill muffins halfway, then top with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Kelly’s Jelly (we used Pine a Peno, Habanero, Tayberry, and Blueberry Lemon). Then, cover each muffin with more muffin mix.  Easy, easy, easy.

September 25, 2016 — Kelly Calabria