Mini grilled cheese and jelly sandwiches are my new obsession.

Whether they are grilled up and put on a party tray for the masses to enjoy, or perfectly placed next to a small green salad for a fantastic little lunch, mini grilled cheese and jelly sandwiches are an easy way to impress guests.  And, if you get the perfect cheese and jelly combinations together, your little sandwiches will be all anyone is talking about.

This is why I decided to share with you MY favorite grilled cheese and jelly combinations.  Some may seem a little scary, but, I promise you, they have been proven to be crowd pleasers — both at home, and on the road.

So, without further ado we have:

Kelly’s Marianero Jelly and Aged Cheddar (we love Face Rock, Willamette Valley, and Tillamook)

Kelly’s Pine-a-Peno and Blue Cheese (we love Rogue Blue)

Kelly’s Habanero Pepper Jelly and Brie

Kelly’s Strawbanero and Chevre (we love Briar Rose Creamery or PDX Creamery)

Kelly’s Cranberry Vanilla and Cream Cheese (we love Willapa Hills)


Mini Grilled Cheese and Pepper Jelly


I love using a baguette.  French our sourdough are both delicious.  I only suggest it’s a denser bread, than a light and airy one, as light and airy makes for big holes, which can make for jelly messes.  (If you’re in Portland, Grand Central and Lovejoy Bakers are my suggestion.  I love Pearl Bakery, but they make very light breads).

Cut the bread thin.  About 1/2 inch thick.  Put on a little more jelly than you think you should (particularly with the Pine-a-Peno and Blue Cheese mix).  Butter both sides and put it on a hot skillet, cheese side down first.  Flip when golden brown.  Serve immediately.  If you are hosting a party, keep them warm in a low temp oven until the guests arrive.


Mini Grilled Cheese and Pepper Jelly

September 25, 2016 — Kelly Calabria