Kelly's Recipe Deck- It's a Recipe Deck of Cards!


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It's a Recipe Deck-of-Cards!

As Recipe Cards: After years of recipe creation and chef collaborations we now are ready to share Kelly's 52 favorite recipes with you! There are endless ways to incorporate Kelly's into your cooking- whether you're looking for quick and easy or gourmet, Kelly's is the perfect complement to any dish. We love tradition at Kelly's. Holidays and gatherings with family and friends include recipe sharing, delicious food, drinks and games. This deck is representative of all of these traditions.

As Playing Cards:
We put our own spin on this deck with four suits that correspond to our recipe icons: Appetizers, Snack and Sandwiches, Drinks and Desserts, and Entrees. Just like a traditional deck of playing cards, there are 13 (recipe) cards per suit.
With a little imagination you can play your favorite card game with this deck. Our KJ family favorite is Gin Rummy, what is yours?

In need of recipe inspiration?
You're Guaranteed to Deal Yourself a Winning Hand!